19.09 — 22.09.2024



Conflux is a festival exploring multisensory encounters, urgent ideas, contemporary art and experimental music.

Happening across various locations throughout Rotterdam from September 19 – 22, 2024, Conflux invites you to experience a program of audiovisual performances, public art interventions, multimedia commissions, experimental club nights and talks reflecting on the festival theme 'Symbiotic Realities'.


  • Performances

    The expressions and experiences of art and music that form the heart of the festival are highly dependent on the sensory perception system embedded in the human body. During the four-day performance programme, Conflux invites artists to explore the impact of sound and light on our sensory systems. The programme features cutting-edge sound performances, live audiovisual acts, and expanded cinema projects from internationally acclaimed artists, set in various unique locations throughout Rotterdam.

    Among others, performances from artists as Roly Porter & Theresa Baumgartner, Heleen Blanken & Aho Ssan and feedbacksociety will be inviting the audience to look beyond only human interactions and sensory perception schemes. The performance programme will kick off as in the previous edition with performances on Plein 1940, followed by expanded performance events happening at Brutus and WORM.

    First names are announced. More names will follow soon.


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    Roly Porter & Theresa Baumgartner
    Heleen Blanken & Aho Ssan
    Casimir Geelhoed & Anni Nöps
  • Exhibitions

    Perception plays an essential role in the transfer of information from the external world to the inner experience and it is instrumental in how realities are formed.

    Within the Conflux 2024 exhibition, multisensorial projects, light and sound installations being presented, all given an experimental view on the festival theme, Symbiotic Realities

    Artists such as Macular, Jeroen Alexander Meijer and Mariska de Groot & Dieter Vandoren, Renzo van Steenbergen & Kristjan Pütsep will showcase both commissioned and existing artworks, where perception plays an essential role in how realities are being formed.

    The exhibition can be experienced at the multifunctional hub for Immersive Experiences and technology, Katoenhuis.

    Full programme will follow soon.


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    Jeroen Alexander Meijer
    Renzo van Steenbergen & Kristjan Pütsep
    Line-AV 2.0
    Mariska de Groot & Dieter Vandoren
  • Club Night

    Welcomed for the first time by Perron, Conflux Festival 2024 will entrance the technoid night spirits with a Saturday club night featuring a roster of its finest.

    Expect augmented sensory experiences, and conscious entities being unleashed on the dancefloor. Through the co-creation of sonic encounters, that combine both analog and digital realms, a number of internationally renowned artists have been invited to take the audience on a journey of transcendence of their individual realities, fading into a convergence of experiences through sonic adventures.

    Lineup will follow soon.

  • Conference

    Amid ongoing and expanding conflicts between humans, nature, and machines, Conflux Festival once again aims to serve as a platform for envisioning new models of coexistence and synergy. It seeks to develop symbiotic techno-natural ecosystems that respect diverse modes of understanding and critically engage in conversations about them.

    Conflux Festival 2024's conference programme gathers thinkers, theorists, artists, and performers from the festival to reflect on the theme of Symbiotic Realities. With a special focus on the interconnected nature of perception and reality, the conference presents alternate ways of understanding our diverse and interdependent world, highlighting the symbiotic relationships between humans, machines, plants, and animals.
    The one-day conference programme will be happening on Saturday 21 September at Debatpodium Arminius.

    Programme of speakers will follow soon.