Special performance by Animistic Beliefs & Jeisson Drenth presenting CACHE/SPIRIT at Arminius

Last year Rotterdam duo Animistic Beliefs and visual artist Jeisson Drenth created a new audio visual performance called 'CACHE/SPIRIT'. This special AV collaboration will close the Saturday evening performance program at the monumental Arminius Church.

CACHE/SPIRIT is the alien love child of Animistic Beliefs and media artist Jeisson Drenth. Originally conceived in an evening of collaborative writing exercises in Rotterdam, this project now lives as a digital collection of ideas and audio visual files that manifests in different configurations and (live) presentations.

CACHE/SPIRIT is a space where studying ‘the self’ and the ‘other’ meets avant-garde audio visual production using a rich collection of techniques, instruments, moving images and languages from different times and territories. Since the beginning of this multidisciplinary collaboration it has translated into an audio visual live show, a listening session, a video installation and an experimental publication.

CACHE/SPIRIT Live A/V with both its frenetic and contemplative character, combines Animistic Beliefs other-worldly sounds with a unique visual language of techno-spirituality. It is a warm invitation into the minds of three distinct artists that passionately try to make sense of the visible and invisible world.

CACHE/SPIRIT has been supported and presented by SHAPE Platform, Borsch Magazine, Trauma Bar und Kino, DGTL FMNSM, Dekmantel, TENT Platform for Contemporary Art, Het HEM Centre for Contemporary Culture.

Read the Dekmantel interview in which Animistic Beliefs and Jeisson Drenth elaborate on their unique collaboration.

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