Free Conflux exhibition at V2_ with works by Carla Chan, Cocky Eek and Marnix de Nijs

The exhibition at V2_ shows three works that are closely related to Conflux’ overall festival theme ‘Exit Human’ and question urgent matters concerning the Post-Anthropocene.

The first work that deals with this topic is Marnix de Nijs’ AOR-200 Autonomous Oil Reserve. The project is described as a DIY consumer system designed to protect any personal oil reserve. A personal oil reserve is a necessity in the current timeframe where production of this precious liquid is under constant pressure and an oil shortage is not inconceivable. The work shows oil barrels that are hacked by a device which could make the whole reserve explode. The work can be seen as a direct warning of how the end game of humanity could look like.

On a more abstract level Cocky Eek is presenting a big black inflatable called ‘Void’. The work gives people the opportunity to insert their head in to a dark void in which kinetic sound becomes the major actor in an experience of amaurosis. Besides all the conceptual metaphors this act embodies, the work gives the audience a sensorial experience, reminding us of our direct relation to the world through our senses. What happens if you take them away, or enhance others by creating a hyper focus on sound?

The last work in the V2_ exhibition is the immersive video installation ‘Drifting Towards the Unknown’ by Carla Chan. Within the work she projects white waves on layers of smoke which evoke a feeling of timelesness. About the work she wrote “The video installation Drifting Towards the Unknown is a meditation on the feeling of drifting aimlessly, of experiencing the loss of direction in your own work or life.”

The overall exhibition stages a dark setting in which abstract and sensorial experiences are combined with concepts that arise when thinking of humans and their transformative relationship with technology, ecology, society and space.

Come and see the exhibition from the 2nd till the 5th of June at V2_ Rotterdam. V2_ has been a close collaborative partner since the start of Klankvorm, which is the platform that initiated the Conflux festival.

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