Pinkman records showcase Friday night at WORM

We dance to escape
We dance to connect
We dance to be free

The club is a transitory social space where bodies come together, drawn like moths to the electro-pulse of audio visual technologies. In the club space, humans interacting with machines interact with other humans to create a new kind of bio-mechanical network that is at once futuristic and ancient. For the Conflux club program artists at the forefront of techno-driven experimentation will take over WORM for two nights of dancing to escape, dancing to connect, dancing to be free…

On Friday, local label and record store Pinkman will host a showcase featuring Pinkman boss Marsman and collective member Genyten performing with Pinkman’s “spiritual driving force” Slick Chick, plus a special live show by veteran DiY synth meister and Noodlebar co-founder Das Ding.

Pinkman was founded in 2013, inspired by the freak-electronics of the Dutch West Coast Sound of Rotterdam and the Hague, and the scene’s enduring incubator, Intergalactic FM. Pinkman has since grown into an internationally respected platform for acid techno, electro and other retro-futuristic recordings, together with sub-label Charlois. With no set sonic agenda, other than Marsman’s own intuition and DJ tastes in that moment, Pinkman has released a wide range of records from Dutch underground acts like Identified Patient and Drvg Cvltvre to international aficionados like Alessandro Adriani.

Fully embracing the Rotterdam DiY spirit, Marsman is also the co-founder of local station Operator Radio and in 2018 the crew opened the physical Pinkman record store. With DJs Marsman, Genyten, Slick Chick and Das Dig performing live in the WORM foyer on Friday 3 June, prepare for an evening of adventurous human-machine sequenced music, from Rotterdam to the world.

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